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Around The World Award Tickets: Star Alliance

Hey Everyone Happy Thursday thanks for tuning in this week, I’m Waller’s Wallet and today we are going to take a look at airlines that offer around the world itineraries. And since there are quite a few, I am going to break this into 3 different videos by alliance. And this week we are going to start with Star Alliance.

Around the world itineraries can be a great way to get more value from your miles, but they come with rules and aren’t necessarily the most flexible options. And for some people these type of tickets, just don’t make any sense.

Unfortunately, not all airlines offer around the world tickets, but there are plenty of people who could benefit from these type of tickets. So let’s take a look at the airlines that offer around the world itineraries.


ANA is probably one of the more popular around the world options using points. And rightfully so, because it offers pretty great value for you points.

ANA around the world award tickets is based on the total distance flown and not just a flat rate. This can definitely work in your favor if you can maximize this option.

Many people talk about the 125,000 points for business class for distances between 20,001 miles and 22,000. Which is a solid value. But these will top out at 200,000 for coach and 300,000 for business class.

You are allowed up to 8 stopovers, with a max of 12 flight segments. ANA limits you to 3 stopovers in Europe and 4 stopovers in Japan. You also are allowed up to 4 ground transfers.

If you choose to book an open jaw ticket, you will be charged 2 stopovers, and that distance won’t count towards your mileage totals.

You must cross the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean once. You will also need to touch all 3 ANA Mileage zones for your around the world ticket.

Your travel most continue in one directions, either east or west and backtracking is not allowed.

The departure date from the intercontinental flight to your returning country, must be at least 10 days after departing the first international flight on your itinerary.

You can transfer points from Membership rewards at a 1 to 1 ratio or from Marriott at 3 to 1 ratio.


Aeroplan offers an Around the World ticket and for economy class it will cost 200,000 Aeroplan miles, Premium economy will cost 250,000 miles, Business class will be 300,000 miles and first class will be 400,000 in first class.

Also you do want to keep in mind that Aeroplan passes on fuel surcharges and depending on the airline you use for your itinerary will dictate your taxes and fees cost.

You are allowed a maximum of 5 stopovers and one open jaw and one stopover is permitted in any one city. Meaning you can’t go back to that city afterwards.

You must return to the country you started your around the world itinerary in and you can’t go beyond the point of origin. So if you started in Dallas headed east, you can’t finish in New York.

Also you must include one Trans-Atlantic and One Trans-Pacific flight in your itinerary.

You will need to call Aeroplan to book your award. But to search your award options you can look on Aeroplan, but United or ANA are great for Star Alliance partners searches.

Earning Aeroplan miles is pretty easy, since they are a partner of Membership Rewards, Capital One and they have a co-branded credit card from TD Bank.

Singapore Airlines:

You can book an Around the World Ticket using Singapore Krisflyers miles for 180,000 points in economy, 240,000 miles in business class and 360,000 miles in first class.

You are able to have 7 stopovers for your trip and Singapore Airlines does pass on fuel surcharges to customers so this could add up fast depending on the airlines you choose to fly.

You can have up to 16 segments, including open jaw tickets, but open jaw tickets will count as a stopover.

You must travel in one direction either east or west and can’t backtrack and you need to finish your trip within 12 months of it starting. Also once you start your trip you can’t make changes to your itinerary.

Singapore Airlines also has a max of 35,000 miles in total travel distance

To search for award availability, using United or ANA is going to be great options to find star alliance availability.

To book an Around the World Ticket you will need to call Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Krisflyers are one of the easiest miles to earn. They are partner of Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, Thank you points, HSBC, and Venture Miles. I think this is something to keep in mind as you look for programs to attempt an around the world itinerary.


Booking an around the will cost you 180,000 miles in economy, 325,000 miles in business class and 480,000 miles in first class. And Lufthansa also passes on fuel surcharges to customers as well.

The amount of taxes and fees will depend on which carriers you use during your around the world trip.

Miles and More around the world award tickets have a few rules:

  • An Around the world ticket includes 1 Atlantic and 1 Pacific ocean crossing

  • A max of 10 flight segments, with a max of 9 connecting flights is allowed.

  • You must have at least 10 days between the start of the first intercontinental and the start of the last intercontinental flight.

  • Tickets are good for 12 months once they are issued

  • You can have a max of 7 stopovers

Around the world tickets must be booked over the phone.

Earning Lufthansa Miles and More points is quite difficult since you can earn points from their co-branded credit card or transferring points from Marriott at a 3:1.


When it comes to Star Alliance and Around the world tickets in general ANA is going to be towards the top of everyone’s list. It offers some great value especially if you can plan to fly the max distance of a particular section to receive the max benefit.

When searching availability, you should use United or ANA, but I think most people find United interface a bit easier to use. You could even use Aeroplan, but they have been known to show phantom availability.

While ANA might offer the best value, the miles are a bit harder to earn since they are more limited in their earning or transferring options. Singapore Airlines while it offers fewer stopovers, and cost slightly more miles for an equivalent distance for ANA awards. It is far easier to earn Singapore Krisflyer miles to redeem for your around the world ticket.

Ideally you will fly more direct flights since the number of connecting flights is quite limited.

Unfortunately, all of these options also pass on fuel surcharges to customers, but if you can maximize the stopover you are given then this is still a great deal when compared to the actual price of these tickets.

And while there are options to book your trip completely in first class, first class award tickets are more difficult to find and are usually open toward the last minute, so this option while there might not be the most realistic.

So tell me, which Star Alliance partner is the best when it comes to Around the World tickets?

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