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Around The World Award Ticket - SkyTeam Alliance

We are finally finishing up our Around The World options by looking at SkyTeam.

Skyteam has a couple of airlines offering Around The World award tickets and SkyTeam just might have the best option out there for around the world offers.

Also, we’ll touch on other options for a making your around the world ticket

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Korean Airlines:

Korean Airlines charges 140,000 miles for an economy around the world ticket, 220,000 miles for a business or mixed cabin around the world ticket.

Korean Airlines does pass on fuels surcharges to their customers, so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Korean Airlines defines a stop over as a stay longer than 24 hours, except on a SkyTeam award on a domestic US ticket. If that exceeds 4 hours, the you will be charged a stop over, which I think is pretty lousy.

You will be allowed up to 9 transfers with up to 5 transfers per area. There is a max of 6 stopovers for your trip with up to 4 stop overs per area.

You are allowed to backtrack within the same area, but not for your stopovers

Rule for Korean Airlines around the world itineraries:

  • There are blackout dates for Skyteam Alliance awards and you can’t use an around the world ticket during that time

  • No upgrades on awards

  • Codeshare flights are not eligible for around the world tickets

  • Korean Airlines Round the World ticket is different from the Skyteam Go Round the World Ticket and therefore have different rules

  • All other Korean Airline Skypass rules apply

To earn Korean Airline miles you can transfer Marriott points at a 3:1 ratio or you can use their co-branded credit card from US Bank.

So while this seems to cost less using your miles, it is actually harder to earn Korean SkyPass miles for this around the world ticket.


This might be one of the more underrated airlines when it comes to around the world itineraries. But this also, might one of the best options when it comes to an around the world award tickets.

That’s because for the price of 224,000 AeroMexico miles for coach or 352,000 AeroMexico miles for business class, you can book up to a 15 stop around the world ticket.

If you can take full advantage of this deal, that’s like paying about 15,000 miles per segment in coach or just a bout 23,500 per segment in business class. Both are pretty fantastic values.

Aeromexico does pass on fuel surcharges and this will depend on the airlines and number of stopovers you have.

You will need to call and book this ticket since it is not bookable online. But when looking for award availability for this trip, I would use Flying Blue as my search engine. Be sure to write down all the flight information to feed to the Aeromexico representative. This will help make your life a little easier

The rules for Aeromexico around the world tickets are:

  • Trip must travel in the same direction, either east or west. You're not allowed to backtrack

  • Subject to award seat availability

  • Only available on SkyTeam airlines

  • You need to start and end in the same country, but your trip doesn't have to end in the same city

  • You need to have a minimum of 3 stopovers and a max of 15 stop over and a max of 5 stop overs per continent.

  • Stop over means any city where you are on the ground for 24 hours or more before your next flight.

  • The city you start and end your around the world ticket do not count as stopovers

  • Flights between stopovers must be scheduled for direct or immediate connections

  • Your ticket can start anywhere in the world

  • Your around the world ticket can be used in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

  • You can stay at each stopover destination as long as you want. As long as your tickets are valid.

  • Your flights must all be booked in the same class, either coach or business class. No mixed awards.

  • And your tickets are good for a year after they are issued

To search availability, your best bet would to be search Flying Blue to find the flights for your around the world trip.

To earn Aeromexico miles you can transfer Membership Reward points at a 1 to 1.6 ratio, Capital One at a 2:1.5 ratio, HSBC at 1 1 to 1 ration, or Marriott at a 3:1 ratio.


For SkyTeam, Aeromexico is by far the better option here. Korean Airline while it is a great airline their miles have become harder to earn after they left the Ultimate Rewards transfer team.

You have more ways to earn Aeromexico points, and more stopovers are allowed.

Aeromexico is probably one of the best airline options when it comes to around the world itineraries.

Unfortunately, Aeromexico does pass on fuel surcharges, but if you can really maximize the number of stopovers, then you are going to get a really great deal. I think realistically, while it looks good on paper to have 15 stopovers, for most people, this is not option that will work with their work schedules. But 15 stopovers are almost double what you would receive from ANA which receives a lot of attention and that is hard to argue with.

One thing with all of these around the world tickets is there is a lack of flexibility or a list of restrictions. If you are a free agent, you can piece together your own around the world tickets. And that means you can make them however you want. You aren’t restricted to the same rules as some of these other around the world ticket

You can piece together one way tickets or nesting benefits like the United Excursionist Perk.

This option can give you more flexibility and could potentially cost you fewer miles and cost than an alliance around the world ticket. You also aren’t restricted to a certain number of stopovers or open jaw stops as well.

This might take a bit of time to get your full around the world ticket booked, because you are having to look at more than just one alliance, but I think this could be a better option.

So tell me, which airline do you think offers the best around the world ticket? Or are you a free agent and look to make your own?

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