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About Me

Hey Everyone, I’m Waller’s Wallet, I am a huge fan of helping people save money and travel the world for a fraction of the cost. This is all possible by utilizing daily expenses to earn credit card points and cash back.

I think the idea that travel is too expensive is a myth and there are many ways to make any travel goal attainable. I have been using tools, like credit cards, to travel for little to no money out of pocket to travel to destinations like Hawaii, Budapest, Barcelona, Switzerland, and many more.

I love interacting with people, especially when it comes to helping them make that trip of a life time happen! Most of all I enjoy teaching you how you can use your daily expenses to save money, either for travel, or whatever your goals might be.

Helping people travel is my passion and my goal is to teach you how you can travel for less and see more of the world. 

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