The One Reason to have an American Express Card

I’m all about saving money, either on my travel or my day-to-day living. I try to maximize all my rewards, as I am sure most of you try to do. Even with a wallet full of different cards, I think everyone should have an American Express card for this one reason: American Express Offers. These have saved me hundreds over the last year and are definitely coming in handy for the holiday season. So, why should you have one?

When I need to purchase something, many thoughts run through my head, it usually goes something like this:

  1. Do I need it today? If not, I’ll purchase online, because I can earn more back this way
  2. Which card will I use, if I am not sure I use my Wallaby App. It makes sure I use the right card
  3. Do any of my American Express Cards have an offer to save me more money?

I’m sure there are many other thoughts, but those are definitely ones that pop into my head when I make a purchase.

What are American Express Offers?

American Express Offers earns you statement credit, or bonus points (depending on the offer) on purchases at the designated stores. American Express adds new offers all the time, sometimes there are targeted ones, but many are public. Some of the targeted offers can be really good, as are many of the public offers.

You have to “add” them to your card, then you can use that offer. If you use the card before you add the offer, you won’t receive credit.


Examples of Offers

Examples of Offers

Reward Earnings?

Not only would you earn a statement credit on the items above, you’ll also earn cash back or points on the total before the credit. Not only are you saving money with these offers, you are earning points/ cash back as well!

This is a nice easy double dip, when you use an American Express Offer! You could even triple or quadruple dip if you used Shopping portals as well!

Some of these offers rebate you 15%+ on purchases you were already going to make. That is probably better than earning 5 points per dollar if you used a different card.

Authorized Users:

This can at least double your savings, if you add an authorized user! American Express assigns different card numbers for authorized users. Some banks give the same number to both cards but not American Express.

American Express allows you to make a log on for an authorized user and when you do that, you give them the ability to add American Express Offers to their card as well!

Savings are always great, but being able to double them is even better!

Between Kristin and myself, we have 5 American Express cards, this gives us 10 cards for American Express Offers!

Maximizing the Savings:

Occasionally, there will be some great offers at stores and you won’t think to use them, because you have nothing to purchase at that store. Remember these words, look for gift cards!

Although, you might not need anything from a particular store, if they sell gift cards to other stores, you can use your American Express Offer at that store. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, some offers do exclude gift cards.

Perfect example, a few weeks ago there was an offer for Staples, you’d receive $20 statement credit when you spent $$100 or more. I had nothing to purchase from Staples, but Staples has gift cards! I needed to purchase somethings from Amazon, so I bought $100 Amazon gift card for $80. I would do that again in a heart beat!

There are many places that sell gift cards and this is just another great way to save money on things you were going to purchase anyways!

Some Changes:

Recently, Citi has began rolling out their own version of “Amex Offers,” but they offer a percentage back in a credit (with max limit) instead of a requirement to spend a certain amount.

I have noticed a few more American Express offers being released this way, so I have began wondering, is this going to be the new way Amex Offers are done? If so, will they continue to be a much of a savings as they are now?

I wouldn’t mind seeing percentage rebated back in addition to the currently offers, since it allows for more flexibility.

Similar Programs:

American Express Offers, reign supreme when it comes to banks offering these credit statements, but there are other programs to consider as well.

As I mentioned above, Citi has started rolling out their own version of these offers, but they aren’t anything too exciting yet.

Bank of America has AmeriDeals, which offer a percentage back as credit statement, but not as useful as American Express Offers. They are ok, but not on the same level as American Express Offers.

I think the more options we have, the better off we are. It just means that the banks will need to make a better offer for me to use their card over another.


If you don’t have an American Express card, but are looking for a new credit card, I would look at one. The American Express offers are just a great way to save money on items you were going to purchase already, or planning to purchase.

Do you have any American Express Cards? How much have you saved with American Express Offers?


Last week I was a guest blogger on Running with Miles and I compared the Citi Premier to the SPG credit card. It was that time I realized I just went over the 1 year mark for blogging. So, I am giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to celebrate. The details of entering the give-a-way are at the bottom of the SPG vs Premier article. I will choose a winner Wednesday and they will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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