Ask and You Shall Receive?

The other day I saw there was an increased offer on the Citi Thank You Premier. I consider this card the top travel card, for earning potential and a solid number (and growing) of transfer partners. When I signed myself and Kristin up for these cards in May, the offer was 50,000 points after a $3,000 spend, which is a solid bonus! The increased bonus is 60,000 points after $3500 spend and the first year fee is still waived! I was hoping to have Citi match the bonus on the cards I opened in May, but wasn’t too sure it would work. So, how did I fare in getting the extra 10,000 points?

This past weekend we were in Maine for my sister-in-laws wedding, when I saw the increased offer. I decided to start with my account to give Citi a call and see if they would be able to give me the extra 10,000 points. I was quickly transferred to a customer service representative…

Attempt #1:

The Customer Service Representative was very pleasant and knew of the offer I was speaking about. After I explained to her what I was looking for, she told me I would need to send an email with some information to possibly receive this. The information she gave me was not to send a secure message, instead she gave me an entirely new email with information I would need to add into the email. What was all the information needed?

  • I would need to send an email to Citi
  • Include my name
  • Last 4 digits of the account number I was calling about
  • Why I was requesting the extra points to be added to my account
  • A picture of the increased offer

After she gave me that information, she said that was all she could do for me.

Call attempt #1: Failed

Email #1:

After writing down all the information I would need, I sent an email to Citi requesting the extra points be added to my account. I had all the required information she told me to have in my email, including a clear picture of a 60,000 point offer. I sent the email a few days ago and I haven’t received even an acknowledgement from Citi on it. I became too impatient and decided to call again to see if I could get the extra points!

Email attempt #1: No response

Call attempt #2:

To reach someone took a few minutes, but for 10,000 points I was willing to wait. When I finally got through to a Customer Service Representative, I got a very pleasant person who was more than happy to assist. When I explained to him I was wanting to points credited to my account, he checked my account and told me that since I was within 90 days of opening my account, he would go ahead and add the extra 10,000 points to my account. He said the points would be in my account by this upcoming Wednesday (which was about 5 days away).

When I checked Sunday morning, the points were already in my account!

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 8.53.38 PM

Call attempt #2: Success

Now onto Kristin’s account…
Kristin is a great sport and uses the cards I give her to use. She might be willing to make a phone call, but she was in her sister’s wedding, so asking her to call might have been writing my own death certificate. I opted to send a secure message instead, because I has seen some people say they had success this way.

Message attempt #1:

I sent Citi a secure message the same day I called and was told I would receive the extra 10,000 points to my account. This is what I sent them:

Screenshot 2015-08-30 at 4.43.09 PM

Quick message sent to Citi

About 30 hours later, I received Citi’s response:

Pretty generic response

Pretty generic response

Message attempt #1: Fail

Message attempt #2:

I sent back a response asking for the time frame in which they are mentioning. I also asked if they weren’t willing to credit my account the extra 10,000 points, were there any good faith points they would be willing to give.

We fully intend to use our Premier as our main card when we travel to Europe in a couple of months and I hope that increases our odds of receiving some free points from Citi!

Citi responded again about 30 hours later:

That doesn't seem promising

That doesn’t seem promising

Message attempt #2: Fail

Citi allows a 14 day grace period and I know we are still in the 90 day window, but it seems they were not budging. I felt there was only 1 other option, I asked Kristin to call Citi…

Call attempt #1:

After getting through the prompts, Kristin reached a pleasant woman who looked at her account. She told Kristin that 90 days had gone by and she was not eligible for the 10,000 points match. Once she told Kristin that, Kristin asked if there were any points she could give her since this was a card she planned to keeping the card for a long time. Kristin was put on a brief hold and when the woman came back, she said she could offer 5,000 Thank You points. We took the 5,000 points, since she could have easily gave us nothing.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 8.53.38 PM

Call attempt #1: Success

In the end, we were able to get an extra 15,000 points for just asking and I value those points around $255. It took a few messages and about 15 minutes on the phone, so I think it was completely worth doing.

If you haven’t been successful in having Citi to credit your account the extra 10,000 points, then I would ask for good faith/good will points. You never know what it could get you, 5,000 points is better than nothing.

Have you been successful in receiving any extra points from Citi? Were you able to get them to match the 10,000 points?

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