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Every once in a while, if I’m on Twitter and I see a company hosting a chat, I try to join in. The companies usually give prizes to their winner in the chats that can range from credits for hotel stays, all expense paid vacations, airfare vouchers or many other prizes. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually won something.

I’ve entered a handful of chats, usually with Orbitz because the timing usually works better for me. I have actually won an Orbitz chat before, I was pretty pumped to have won $50 Orbitz bucks. I love free travel money. Also, Expedia has some great chats and their prizes are pretty awesome as well. I’ve entered their chats before, but haven’t won anything.

Back in May, I entered a Twitter chat that was hosted by Orbitz and a Bermuda Travel Agency. The prize for this chat was amazing, but with people reading what they were offering, I was sure it would be a full chat. The winner of the Orbitz Twitter Chat was an all expense paid trip including: 2 roundtrip tickets to Bermuda for a 4 day/3 night trip at the Fairmont Southhampton hotel.

Screenshot 2015-06-21 at 5.14.23 PM

Fairmont Southampton

I thought it would be awesome to win, but with about 80 other individuals in this chat, my odds were slim, but can’t win if you don’t play right? (I definitely thought there would be more people in the chat though!) Orbitz usually ask 10 questions over the course of an hour and people always have great pictures or responses to their questions. It is awesome to see some of the pictures people post, some are just amazing. Usually the winner is announced at the end of the chat. This time, they said they would message the winner Monday and thanked everyone for participating.

Thinking it would be really cool if I were to win, but being realistic, I knew I had about a 1% chance of winning, I tried to push it out of my mind. Plus, I have all my vacation time for the year and beginning of next tied up into trips. I have so many trips I want to take and the points to take them, but only so much vacation time! Now if only I could trade some points in for vacation time :-).

Look at that water!

Look at that water!

Monday, after I got home from work around 5 pm, I didn’t have any messages from Orbitz, I knew for certain a winner had been messaged. The thought in my head was, oh well, now I won’t have to squeeze in another trip, plus I’m sure if I keep trying to add another trip, Kristin is going to kill me.

After dinner, Kristin and I were relaxing on the couch talking when I felt my phone vibrate. I look at my phone and saw I had a notification from Orbitz on Twitter:
Screenshot 2015-06-21 at 5.10.41 PM

I couldn’t believe I had won the trip. Kristin initially thought it was a joke, until she read the terms and conditions of the contest. After she realized that I had won a trip to Bermuda, she was very excited.

I don't think I'll have any issue trading in snow for pink sand!

I don’t think I’ll have any issue trading in snow for pink sand!

There were time restrictions to claim the prize or I would forfeit the trip. After a couple of days of emails, I was able to finally get in contact with the person I needed to talk to. I was given a few forms to fill out for winning the trip and after those were returned, I would receive more information about our trip.

After filling out all the forms necessary, we found out we have 1 year to take the trip. After talking about when would be want to take this trip, we decided sometime this winter. New England winters can really be long and harsh, why not get away for a few days to warmer weather?

Boston has direct flights to Bermuda, so we will more than likely fly out of Boston. It’ll give us a little more time on the beach for this trip.

The tough part is finding the extra vacation time to take off. I’m sure we’ll find the time to squeeze this trip somewhere into our plans :-).

I’m not sure how they decide who the winner for their chats are, but I’m not going to ask questions about it! I am very excited to have another upcoming trip. This fall/winter we will be quite busy with trips, but I am perfectly fine with that!

Have you ever won a trip through social media? Have you ever tried winning a trip through social media?

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