Lufthansa Flight Review

I initially wasn’t going to write a review on my flight from Boston to Budapest, but after thinking about it I felt I should. We flew coach on Lufthansa (which I keep stumbling over the name!) and this was my first Trans-Atlantic flight.

I booked this flight back in April using 60,000 Ultimate Reward points (30,000 points each), which I transferred to United to book this flight. Instead of flying on a United plane, I had heard really good things about Lufthansa and decided I would book with them if possible.

Thankfully, it was possible and it was 60,000 miles well spent! Our flights were all Lufthansa planes and left from Boston, we connected in Frankfurt, finally landing in Budapest.

Waiting in Frankfurt
Waiting in Frankfurt


When we started the boarding process, Lufthansa was running behind almost a half-hour! Not  great way to start off our experience with them. 

They boarded first class, business class, premium economy, then economy, in that order. Two things that caught my attention:

  1. Premium economy was between 2 sections of economy and not immediately behind business class
  2. When boarding economy, they started from the back of the plane and worked their way forward

At first, I thought that was ridiculous, most likely due to the fact we were sitting toward the front of the plane. After sitting, I realize this is pretty efficient and was extremely fast. 

There was plenty of over-head space to put our carry on luggage and the flight attendants were very attentive during the whole process. Boarding was very quick, easy and once we were boarded we were moving. It felt like we were taxing while people were still getting situated, totally okay with that!

Our Seats

When I was checking us in online for our flight, I was able to select our seats from Boston to Frankfurt. I love the window seat, because I enjoy looking out to see clouds or ocean, etc.

I scanned the seating chart and noticed row 18 was right behind business class, with no seats in front . As much as I enjoy the window seat, I felt we would appreciate more leg room for our 7 hour flight. I re-selected our seats to seats 18F and 18G. Very good move on my part!

Lots of leg room
Lots of leg room

In addition to more leg room, we would also be one of the first ones off the plane. I hate waiting so, I was very happy about that!

When we got to our seats there was a pillow and blanket on our seats. Our seats I felt were very comfortable for our flight. They were probably the best coach seats I’ve ever sat in.

In-Flight Entertainment

I chose not to purchase in-flight WiFi and chose to write instead. The pricing of the WiFi was:

  • 1 hour Skypass- 9€ or 3,000 miles
  • 4 hour Skypass- 14€ or 4,500 miles
  • Full Flat (Up to 24 hours)- 17€ or 5,500 miles

For a seven hour flight, it wasn’t necessary to have WiFi. If I were on a longer flight the 17€ would have been the best option, I think, since it is up to 6 times longer than the 14€ price.


I was in shock how often the flight attendants came around with some sort of snack or meal! Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendants started to hand out crackers and beverages.Within an hour to hour and a half they were starting to hand out dinners.

Our Dinner
Our Dinner

Although this might not look as fancy as business class meals, this was actually VERY delicious and we felt the portion size was perfect. I personally don’t care if my food comes in an aluminum container, or if they take the food from the container and put it on a plate. This was perfect by my standards.

Kristin and I chose the same meal, which consisted of:

  • Beef and rice with a cheese sauce and jalapeños. The jalapeños had a decent little kick to them and the meal had plenty of flavor
  • The Caesar salad was crisp and croutons had a nice crunch. It came with Caesar dressing as well
  • The tiramisu was fantastic! It was a delicious moist little dessert and I wish I had more. I tried to steal Kristin’s, but failed.
  • The bread was very good. I used it to get the last of the sauce from my main course.
  • The cheese and crackers, but you can’t mess up cheese and crackers.

After the meal was over, the staff came around with coffee or tea and was put in our cup (top right of the tray). You can also see, more juice/water, which I felt they kept pouring for us.

After dinner, we were offered:

  • Red or white wine, which I thought the wine was very good
  • Conyac or Bailey’s- I should have chosen Bailey’s. I’m definitely not a conyac person.
  • We were offered more juice/water
  • Coffee and tea were offered again as well.


I was listening to music early in the flight and didn’t realize we were receiving breakfast. Especially since our flight was landing at 23:30 east coast time.



Breakfast consisted of:

  • Blueberry muffin
  • Fruit cup- strawberry (singular), pineapple and mango
  • Oats ‘n Honey granola bar
  • Coffee or tea (creamer and sugar are in the top right)
  • Juice or water

I wouldn’t say this was anything to rave about, but having breakfast was great. The fruit was surprisingly fresh and the mango was perfect.

Flight Experience

This is possibly the main reason I am writing a flight review. The staff was absolutely amazing! The service was far better than anything we received on other flights in the US. They made sure we were taken care of from take off to landing. Actually, our coach experience with Lufthansa was just as good if not better than our experience on Air Berlin, where we flew business class home (that review will come soon).

I felt the staff were always coming by and checking to see if we needed anything or bringing us some sort of refreshment. And we were in coach! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in business or first class!

Kristin noticed that around the time breakfast was starting to be passed out, the lights gradually started to become brighter. She said she also notice at take off they gradually went down.  Not sure if it was anything special, but she thought Lufthansa was simulating sunrise and sunset. It could have been, I’m not sure, nor was a paying attention to this when it was occurring.

When it was time to leave the plane, the staff was very helpful. It was just as smooth leaving the plane as it was for everyone to board and find their seats.


We were both very satisfied with the service and the flight from Lufthansa. Their coach seating was extremely comfortable and moving our seats to have more legroom was a great decision.

The food was very good and I would have no issue eating it again. The amount of juice and coffee that was offered to us was a nice extra as well. I definitely didn’t think we would be attended to the way we were.

I can’t say enough about the crew that as on the plane. They were awesome and probably the reason I even considered writing a review for a flight.

Although, trying their business class would be nice, I would ABSOLUTELY fly coach again on Lufthansa.

Have you flown Lufthansa coach seating for a Trans-Atlantic flight? Would you do it again?

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