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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about ways for people who purchase airfare to save some money in the process, but what about hotel stays? Whether you prefer cash back or miles, there are ways to save on your hotel. They’ll either help pay for your next hotel stay, plane ticket or even possibly have money refunded on your current hotel stay. Any of these options will be great to help you travel for less money!

If I am paying for a hotel room, I rarely book directly with the hotel because I feel I can earn more rewards booking on other sites. If you have status with a hotel chain, booking through one of these sites will most likely not earn you credits for the next status level or qualify you for your elite benefits. Something to keep in mind if status is something you value. I am more interested in saving money than having status. I’m sure most of you think the same way.

If you would like to earn miles on hotel bookings, a couple of website you should take a look at are Rocketmiles and Pointshound. These sites will earn you extra miles on your reservation.

They always seem to have a promotion going on where you will earn bonus miles on top of the miles you would earn through booking. Rocketmiles has 29 partners you can earn miles on.

Many options for extra miles
Many options for extra miles

You can switch your partner whenever you want and earn extra miles between different programs, if you choose. Usually, the more expensive the hotel, the more miles you will earn, but that is not always the case. The amount of points you’ll earn could vary, depending on the partner you choose. You should always choose the partner that works best you though.

My personal favorites from this list:
Southwest Airlines
American Airlines
British Airways
Singapore Airlines

Here’s an example:

Staying in Boston for 2 night, you’d earn 10,000 Southwest miles.

You'd earn 10,000 Southwest miles
You’d earn 10,000 Southwest miles

What could those 10,000 Southwest miles get you?

Fly to Jamaica!
Fly to Jamaica!

From that one hotel booking you’d have miles to fly one way from Boston to Montego Bay, with miles left over! The price of that ticket is $186, so in paying for $568 for the room, you earn a $186 airline ticket with miles remaining. That’s pretty good if you were planning a trip to Boston.

Link to Rocketmiles, if you use code WALLERDUSTIN when you sign up, we both will earn 1,000 extra miles after your first booking.

Pointshound is very similar to Rocketmiles in that you earn extra miles with their partners. They have less partner options than Rocketmiles, but they have some interesting partners. You can earn Bitcoins on reservations, if you like earning Bitcoin.

Pointshound Partners
Pointshound Partners

You can see some overlap between a couple of the airline partners, so you should compare which program gives you more miles upon booking. From looking at a few dates, it seems Pointshound offers less miles when compared to Rocketmiles, but not always. Having multiple sites is a great way to make sure you earn the most on your hotel reservation!

My favorite Pointhound partners:
American Airlines (US Airwarys is the same airline now)
Virgin Atlantic

Link to Pointshound

My personal referral link: we both will receive 500 bonus miles on your first booking.

What if you prefer to earn reward cash toward your next hotel reservation, instead of airline miles?


Earn cash rewards for hotel stays
Earn cash rewards for hotel stays

Orbucks are cash rewards you can use when booking a hotel stay through Orbitz. You can earn Orbucks when reserving a hotel or booking a plane ticket, but you can only redeem for hotel stays. There is a difference when you book on their mobile app or on your computer. I would recommend booking on your computer. Why would I recommend earning 3% over 5%? When you book on Orbitz, you can use a portal and earn even more back!

Earn more through a portal
Earn more through a portal

Even though you would earn 3% in Orbucks, you will also earn 6% cash back, meaning you actually earn 9% back overall. Almost double what you would earn booking though the mobile app.

The more rooms you book through Orbitz, you will earn status as well. You will not earn stays/nights toward the hotels status program when booking though Orbitz. Occasionally Orbitz will have promotions where you can earn more Orbucks on certain reservations.

Orbitz Status Chart
Orbitz Status Chart

Some of the benefits as you move up the status chain don’t seem too impressive. With many of the hotels, you will receive free WiFi and possibly breakfast. The 2 perks that might be worth it are the 2 checked bags that you are reimbursed in Orbucks and the TSA precheck, which cost about $85. Outside of those 2 perks, I don’t see any real reason to be an Orbitz Platinum member.

This is my person referral link, you will receive $25 in Orbucks to use for your first stay and I will receive $25 Orbucks as well.

This reward program is different than Orbitz, you do not earn cash back on your stays. The way Hotels.com program works, for every 10 nights you book through their site, you will earn 1 free night! There is one catch to the free night….

You can’t stay 10 nights at a super cheap Days Inn for 10 nights then book 1 night at an expensive Hyatt hotel. Your free night will be an average of the 10 nights you paid for. When you use your free night, if the room you book is more expensive than your voucher amount, it will just reduce the cost of the room by that much.

Stay 10 nights, get 1 free
Stay 10 nights, get 1 free

To make this even better, you can stack this with a shopping portal as well!

Earn more back!
Earn more back!

You could earn 7% cash back while you earn your free night. Hotels.com sends out some great coupon codes to your email, but there is usually an condition that if you use that coupon code it WILL NOT count toward your free night. That is something you must consider as well.

I happen to stumble across Tingo not too long ago and I’m intrigued by what are offering. If you book a room through Tingo, they will do the work for you and see if the price drops. If the price were to drop, they will REFUND you the difference. There aren’t many places that offer this, but in booking with Tingo, you will not earn extra money toward your next stay. You are hoping that the price falls and you receive a refund on the room. This could be hit or miss and I personally would rather earn the extra miles or rewards for a future stay.

They find you a better price
They find you a better price

Even though you might not earn rewards for a future stay, like the other programs, there are portals for Tingo as well to earn some cash back on your reservation.

Cashback options with Tingo
Cashback options with Tingo

You would earn 7% cash back. I am not sure if you earn 7% on the original booking price or the price you pay in the end. I would think it would be on the price you actually pay for the room.

Using Portals:
I think if you are shopping online you should always check for a portal! If you want to book directly through the hotel, there is still a way for you to earn cash back on your reservation. I would look go to cashbackmonitor.com and type in the name of the hotel chain you are wanting to book with. This will show you all the extra miles or cash back you could earn booking with the hotel. If you have status with the hotel, this could make the most sense since you could receive perks that might outweigh the 3rd party benefits.

If you have co-branded credit cards, you would earn your extra points if you booked through the hotel themselves and paid with that particular credit card.

Credit Card Considerations:
When booking hotels, either through 3rd party sites or directly, these should be coded as travel. It would be best to use a card that would earn multiple points for travel, like the Citi Premier or Chase Sapphire Preferred. If you book directly with the hotel, you should consider using your co-branded credit card, if you have one or one of the cards that earn extra points on traveling. If you have a cash back credit card, that is good to use as well. For those who don’t have a rewards credit card, maximizing your shopping portals will help you earn extra money back on your hotel reservations.

There are many ways to save money when booking your hotel stays, either in miles for a future trip or cash back for a future stay. Always compare between sites because there could be price differences and the miles/cash back might not be enough to use that particular site.

There are some links in the article that I do receive some bonus if you were to use. If you use it, thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Which is your preferred earnings when booking a hotel, miles or cash back? Which of these sites are you likely to use first?

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2 thoughts on “Earning More on Hotel Stays

  1. You will have to remember when booking on Pointshound or Rocketmiles you are NOT getting free miles. These miles come with a higher priced room, sometimes as much as 30% higher. So bear that in mind when calculating. It is seldom worth buying miles when there are so many ways to get them free.
    As far as Hotels.com I have had 2 bad experiences with them and will never use them again. I was booking a room in Las Vegas for my sister-in-law. Being aware of some unscrupulous hotels in Vegas charging exorbitant “resort fees” I called Hotels.com inquired and was assured there was no resort fee. When my sister-in-law checked in she was charged a $15/nt “resort fee”. I called Hotels.com and was told tough luck. Raised the price of the room about 30%. Last year I was booking a hotel in Lake Tahoe. Was quoted a final price, plugged in credit card and viola price had gone up 5 bucks a night. Called with same results. I now rely more on booking.com, no rewards but good prices and more honest!

    1. It is important to price check before using any of these sites. It is definitely not worth paying 30% more for the airlines miles.

      We’ve used some of these sites, so have family with no issues before, I have seen others who have had issues through. It’s never good when these 3rd party sites don’t deliver or stay true on what word!

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