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A couple of months ago I wrote about purchasing my Wocket Wallet. Back on June 1st, I received my invitation to purchase my Wocket Wallet and the second I received it, I took out my credit card and purchased it. About a month later I received it. After using it for about 3 weeks, I felt it was time to give a review on it. 

The idea of having 1 card that lets me access all my credit cards was extremely appealing. I wouldn’t need to carry 8 or more cards anymore plus it could carry my discount or loyalty cards as well. Over the last few weeks there have been some awesome moments and lets say not so awesome moments with my Wocket.

Once I received my Wocket, I was able to start it right up and load my cards onto the device with absolutely no issue. The touchscreen was very responsive and the wallet wasn’t super thick. I had all my cards loaded onto the Wocket in about 45 minutes.

RIght out of the box, I thought the qualify was outstanding. The Wocket doesn’t feel cheap, it is a very solid device and even the leather card holder is made well. It was very easy to slide out of the wallet holder to add my cards and easy to slide back into place. Initially, it was difficult to remove the card from the wallet, but it has since loosened up and I can now remove the card with one hand.

After loading my cards,  I HAD to use it, so I decided to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I will admit I was a little nervous about it, but since I had read some issues other people were having, I had a back up credit card just in case. I had no interest in using that card unless it was a last resort. But, as I checked out, there was no issue at all in using my Wocket. SCORE!

Great way to start!
Great way to start!

I even tweeted out my success of my first transaction with my Wocket. A few days later, I was at T Mobile, activating my Nexus 6 (only until I get my Fi invite!) and the employee helping me said my Wocket looked awesome. He thought it was cool that this device was able to hold all my cards. After activating my Nexus, I went to pay my bill. I swiped 3 to 4 times and nothing. FAIL (talk about a confidence buster). That was my first issue with it and I felt there were going to be some growing pains with it, but overall it’s a great product.

Screenshot 2015-07-19 at 7.49.24 PM
An upcoming update could fix this issue

I was told that there was a software update coming soon that should fix that issue. I am hopeful that is the case, I have noticed that most of my issues have come from the newer card readers. I think this will resolve, with the new update. There have been an increasing number of issues of places accepting my Wocket, but I think I have an idea why this is occurring.

There is a lot of scratches on/near the strip
There is a lot of scratches on/near the strip

One thing I have noticed after using for a few weeks, that is a little disappointing, is the paint from the card is already starting to rub off. On the back there are scratches on the paint and even on my magnetic strip. Recently, I have had to swipe my card 2 to 3 times for the card to be read, these are at the same places that would accept on first swipe a few weeks ago.  I believe it is due to the many little scratches and the few longer scratches on the strip.

I have had 2 incidences where the screen looks like a barcode and freezes, but it fixes itself in about 10 to 15 seconds. I have read of others having issues with this, but I’ve seen this just a couple of times. It resolves itself and I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks.

The amount of wear on the front is quite extensive for 3 weeks of use
The amount of wear on the front is quite extensive for 3 weeks of use

The card stays in its slot when not being used. I haven’t done anything to accelerate the wear on the card and I think that should be addressed. I think it currently looks like a credit card that has many years of use on it and I’m a little worried that at this rate, it’ll be completely worn out in a couple of months.

One concern I had when I bought the Wocket was the lack of Chip in the card, I was told it is being worked on and I believe it is. I’m sure there will be more information on this in the upcoming months.

There are a few of these marks on the magnetic strip
There are a few of these marks on the magnetic strip

Currently, my Wocket has a “swipe success rate” of around 75-80%. I don’t think this is nearly high enough for a card that is wanting to replace my wallet. It is becoming harder to use, but I think it’s because of the wear on the magnetic strip. I hope that this is fixed. I do have a back up card, but I have missed out using the best card in a given category because of this. Hopefully some of these issues are resolved by the upcoming update.

One feature I am looking forward to, is the integration of Wallaby into the Wocket. When Wocket launches their app, I believe you’ll be able to group your cards into categories, like groceries or gas. I hope Wallaby will show you the card at which category will yield the best result directly from the wallet and not requiring a phone to be near. It would be great when the update occurs if the Wallaby logo would be next to the specific card that you would determine to be the best for a certain categories,  like gas or groceries.

Overall the concept of the Wocket is fantastic and I really do enjoy it. Having a stand alone device that allows me access to all my cards is amazing.  I think there are some pieces that could be improved, mostly the quality of the card. I know there is a lot behind making a card like this, but the amount of wear on this card in 3 weeks I think is unacceptable. I think my lower acceptance rate is due to the scratches on the magnetic strip. I hope the update helps fix some of the issues with certain credit card readers not accepting it.

Have you purchased a Wocket Wallet? How has your experience with it?

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20 thoughts on “Review of my Wocket Wallet

    1. In their exclusions of does say “cosmetic damages,including but not limited too scratches, dents and broken plastic.” I’ll be emailing them to see if I can have a replacement card. I think the damage is more than cosmetic, I’ll respond with their response when I hear back. But I feel ill have no luck in getting a new one

    2. I was just speaking with someone from Wocket and I was told it was just the paint from the card. The information is inside the card and to swipe at different speeds, different direction, or even starting at the mid way point of the card reader.

      I did ask if it was covered and I was not given an answer on that.

    1. I had so many issues with it that I haven’t used it in a while. I gave it a fair opportunity, but it failed way more often than it would work.

      1. That’s to bad! I was really interested in it! Did you hear any info on the version 2? Just wondering if they were planning on fixing issues

        1. I have not. I would hope the 2nd generation wallet, would have Chip technology.

          I think if I were to look at another smart card/wallet, I would look at Plastc. The Wocket has reduced my confidence in these products until I see otherwise :-/

  1. I have been using the wocket on and off for about 6+ months. Same results. Card very scratched which they tell me is nothing to worry about, that it doesn’t effect the card performance. I get about the same acceptance rate and found some creative bodega’s who use a plastic bag trick and then it works. I have had 0% success at any ATM’s which is the deal breaker for me.

    I was told the App update would help but I saw no improved performance from that when it came out about a month ago. For now it sits in my drawer until they can figure it out. Sometimes being an early adopter doesn’t pan out!

    Great product in concept, they just need the reliability to back it up.

    1. After the shipping issues they’ve had and push back in dates. I have no interest in trying them. I’m not sure if Coin 2.0 will be better or not

  2. Well this is disappointing. I just purchased the Wocket and it looks like I should have done
    a bit more research before hand. Haven’t actually used it yet so I’ll see how it goes and will
    comment when I have done so. Hope I have better luck than some of you.


    1. It’s been a little over a month since I last posted. After using the wocket for a couple weeks I was having numerous problems, interference on the touch screen, some of my cards wouldn’t work, my debit card would not work. I had purchased my Wocket from an online store and not directly from them so was not sure what they might do for me. As it turned out they were very helpful in trying to find the problems. First I sent the card back and then they had me return the Wocket. I thought they would try to repair it, but instead told me if I didn’t mind waiting they would replace it with a new Wocket which would include all the new upgrades. Only took a couple weeks and I received the new Wocket and a new Wocket card. I have only used it once, but it accepted my debit card which I was happy about. I’ll continue to use it and see how it goes and post up more info in a few weeks.

      1. Well after receiving the new upgraded Wocket things have really gone south. It worked the first time I used it but hasn’t worked since. I sent the wallet and card back to them. They said they reflashed the card and the wallet and card tested ok. Since getting it back it has failed to work at all. I used it in four different places and it failed to work every time. contacted them again and they gave me this long drawn out procedure to use, which realistically doesn’t work, especially when a lot of times you have to hand the card to someone else to swipe it. Here’s an excerpt from our last communication.

        “Some suggestions to improve your compatibility,
        1 – Remember that the WocketCard is an active card (instead of your traditional magnetic stripe card, which is passive) in that it transmits its data to the reader. As such, use a slower swipe to give the reader more time to get the information. In a similar vein, you can sometimes swipe about halfway down the reader and then hold it for a second. This gives the reader more time to understand the WocketCard’s data.
        2- Try swiping up from the bottom of the POS reader instead of from the top. This may sound odd, but the WocketCard transmits its data from the top of the card downward, so swiping in an upward motion helps give the POS reader more time.
        3- For “dip style” readers (commonly used in gas stations) where you have to insert the card then remove it quickly, we recommend inserting the card all the way, then pulling the WocketCard out about halfway and holding it there for a few seconds. Just like above, the trick is giving the POS reader a little more time.

        I’m assuming the type of readers you were using were the type you swipe your card through? Next time you encounter this type of reader, when you are about halfway down stop (hold the card where it is) run your finger or thumb across the gold pins on the bottom back of the card. This sometimes helps the card read a different track in the system. ”

        Really, this is the solution to make it work. Do your homework before you buy this item. Bad performance plus bad support doesn’t equal anything good.

        1. Right after writing my last reply and all the problem I have been experiencing, I went online and filed a complaint with the BBB, never expecting too much to come of it. Much to my surprise I got an email from NXT-ID today and they have offered to replace the wallet. Here’s
          a piece of the email I got from them. ” we would like to replace it with our new NFC capable Wocket with our most up to date firmware.” Nice surprise. Once I receive it and try it out I
          will post the results. Hopefully something good this time.

  3. Read your review and I think it is spot on. Wocket is a great concept with poor execution. The success rate is too sporadic to not have a back up plan and the card is heavily scratched with very limited usage. I do however continue to use Wocket but I do carry a back up card and an ATM card. I cannot get the thing to update but that may be on my end since the lack of any instructions is prevalent.

  4. I purchased the Wocket in the first wave and have found it to be too unreliable to leave other cards at home. This defeats the purpose of the Wocket entirely. I desperately want it to work as the concept is exactly what we need to help protect against theft but it just doesn’t work in enough situations, including ATMs. At least if it worked in ATMs you could have a fallback to go get cash if it didn’t work in the store/restaurant.

    1. I think Plastc is going to be the best out of the 3. I wouldn’t waste my money on coin. I’d wait though, Plastc seems to be the best one to succeed out of the 3. Mobile wallets taking off more and more, could make all of these obsolete soon though

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