Hotel Review: Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau LeMoyne

On our vacation last month we stayed in 2 different hotels (1 night pre-cruise and 1 night post-cruise), I gave my review of the Crown Plaza in the French Quarter, the other hotel we stayed at was the Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau Lemoyne. When I booked this room, it was for our stay post-cruise. I booked the room for 4 people and used my IHG points. Would I stay there again, if I returned to New Orleans?

Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau Lemoyne
Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau Lemoyne

When I booked this room, the price was 35,000 points per night. For the original room I booked, if I paid for this stay it was about $350. I wouldn’t spend that much money on a hotel to begin with, so if I had to pay for this room, I wouldn’t have stayed there. To make it even better, I receive a 10% rebate on all the points I redeem. I ended up paying 31,500 points, redeeming at a minimum of 1.1 cents per point.  A pretty good redemption for IHG points!

It took a couple of weeks, but my 10% rebate finally posted to my IHG points account!

Customer Service:
When we left our cruise ship, I called the Holiday Inn to see if it were possible to check in early, their mobile check in did not work either time I tried. I was told we could absolutely come over to the hotel to check into our room.

When we got the to hotel the gentleman who was checking me in, was extremely helpful and made quite a few jokes. He apologized and said my room wasn’t actually ready yet, why? He told me that we were upgraded to a room with a balcony! He said we were able to leave our bags at the hotel and he would notify me by text when the room was ready.

When the bellman took our bags he was very pleasant and gave us the information to retrieve our bags when we returned to check in. Again, everyone there was extremely welcoming.

I don’t know the price of the room that we were upgraded too, but the room I initially booked was $350 and I can only assume this was about a hundred dollars more for the room. But that is just speculation.

The entire staff was extremely friendly and I felt treated us better than the staff at the Crown Plaza a couple of blocks way.

Our Balcony View
Our Balcony View

Our room:
When we finally went to our room, we were on the top floor of the hotel with our own balcony.  It was a pretty standard room with 2 queen beds. There was an area with a desk if you needed to do any work. The room itself was much larger than I thought it would have been. It wasn’t anything fancy, but being able to walk onto the balcony was nice.

Still nothing like the Hyatt in New Orleans, but I would say it was a step up from the Crown Plaza.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.33.10 AM
Our 2 queen beds, see nothing too fancy

The Holiday Inn wasn’t on Bourbon Street, but Bourbon Street was the next street over. It wasn’t too far from our stay earlier in the week at the Crown Plaza. It was interesting how many hotels there were in such a short distance from each other.

I thought it was a great location. We were close enough to Bourbon Street to go have a good time if we wanted too. When sitting on our balcony we noticed there weren’t many people walking the street near our hotel at night. You could still hear everything going on, but not a lot of traffic going through there.

This room was a really good value at 31,500 points from my original booking, but it became an even better value when were were upgraded to a room with a balcony. I never expect upgrades, even if it says I could receive one if there is an upgraded room available, but I am always grateful when it occurs.

The entire staff was extremely friendly and they made us feel welcomed. They had no issues notifying us when the room was ready and made sure we were enjoying our stay.

Even though the room was nice and I really liked the balcony, I would never spend $350 or more on a hotel room. There are just so many options to redeem for a free room or even a nice room for less money

View at night from our balcony
View at night from our balcony

Would I stay there again?
If I were to visit New Orleans again, I feel this would be my first IHG to book. This hotel seems to fill up pretty quickly, because we tried booking rooms for other members of the family with no luck. I felt the point redemption was reasonable and the service at the hotel was really good. I still think the Hyatt was the nicest of all the hotels any of the family stayed at.

If you’re in New Orleans and can’t decide where to stay, I would recommend the Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau Lemoyne.

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