Maximize Earnings with Shopping Portals

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It is that time of year again! The holidays are now here and so is the holiday shopping! If you’re like me, you strategically plan out the best way to buy your gifts while saving a little money for yourself :-). Going out to the malls are not only crowded and stressful, but you are missing out on extra points and cash back! There are plenty of ways to buy the gifts you want, without breaking the bank and even earning something back for your shopping!

Shopping Portals

There are websites that will actually give you money or points to use their websites. These companies are given a referral fee by the company when you use those links to shop. In return, these websites pay you for helping them earn money as well! How do you find the best site to use to maximize your rewards?

I love to use or to see where the best offers for points or cash is being offered. These 2 websites will help you find the most cash back or where you will get the most airline or hotel points. Both will show you the best rate among the different sites and you can either pick more cash or more points/miles. The choice is yours!

When you click on the link of the store through one of the sites, it will lead you to the retailer you wish to shop. Going directly to the retailers website WILL NOT earn you anything extra. You must click the link through the referral sites, then you will shop normally. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a portal to maximize your rewards!!

Earning More with Portals

You can maximize your savings even more with the right reward credit card as well! Currently the Chase Freedom earns 5 Ultimate Reward points and Discover It offer 5% cash back, that would in addition to the extra cash or points you could earn through the referral sites! Lets look at the possible savings you could earn with the right site and right credit card! You can even use these sites if you don’t have a credit card, but you earn more back when you have one that earns you rewards.

Lets look at an example if you were to shop at Kohl’s:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.45.47 PM

At, you can see the range in cash back potential. The best site to use currently would be because you would get 10% cash back on your purchase! That is in addition to any Kohl’s cash or coupons you would earn or redeem. This could lead to some big savings! Use these portals with your reward credit cards and you’ll earn even more back! Right now the Chase Freedom and DiscoverIt offer 5% and are the best options for your holiday shopping!

But what if you wanted points or miles instead?

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 7.04.15 PMAt , you can see that using the Ultimate Reward portal would earn an additional 10 points per dollar! You must have a Chase card to use that portal though, like the Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink. If you wanted airline or hotel specific points, you can earn those too! You can see the differences between the different airline/hotel portals. You can also see ShopDiscover, which is the Discover It portal offers 10% cash back as well.

When you shop with your Chase Freedom or Discover It card through these portals you will earn a total of 15% back! You can stack these with website promotions as well! If you are using your Chase Freedom, earning 15 Ultimate Rewards points is an amazing amount. Remember if you have a premium Chase card, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink, you can transfer these points directly to airline and hotels. The DiscoverIt can be used as a credit statement or direct deposit or if you decide to get gift cards you will get 25% more, so that is usually the best option!

If you look at, Southwest was offering 2 points per dollar spent at Kohl’s, in addition to the 5 Ultimate Reward points you would receive. You could then transfer those 5 Ultimate Reward points to Southwest with a premium Chase card for a total of 7 Southwest miles points per dollar spent. The better offer is using the Ultimate Reward portal where you will earn 10 extra points per dollar, earning 15 Ultimate Reward points per dollar (if using your Chase Freedom), that’s the equivalent of earning 15 Southwest miles per dollar!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 7.46.40 PM
You can use those Southwest points to fly you to Jamaica!

You can even use these portals with gift cards that you might receive at the holiday time or purchasing gift cards with other credit cards that have a bonus category that would yield more points. I wouldn’t use gift cards when buying expensive products like TV’s or other electronic, because you will lose the purchase protection that is given with the credit card.

Some of the cash back portals offer sign up bonuses and if you’re like me, you use multiple portals to maximize your rewards! You can use these portals year round too!

These are my personal referral links:
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TopCashBack:  I would get a referral bonus, there is currently no sign up bonus. They do offer high cash back offers as well


With so many ways to earn extra miles for your next trip or earn cash back for that special something you’ve been wanting, it’s re-donk-ulousy foolish not to take advantage of these opportunities!

What ways do you shop? Do you use shopping portals? What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten?

*Thank you for reading my blog and if you decide to sign up for a shopping portal using one of my links, I greatly appreciate it. Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!!!

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